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  • Starting @ Rs 46K (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Most Discounted Price
  • Enjoy with family & friends (No cost)
  • Fitting all budget(s)

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  • Starting @ Rs 59K (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Choose resort from Premium Grid
  • Go any time, No Season, Block Now
  • No Annual / Maintenance Charges

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  • Starting @ Rs 78K (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Go anywhere …choose from theme / mood
  • Advance your nights for friends
  • Enjoy special discounts of F&B

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  • Starting @ Rs 84K (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Best Curated Resorts
  • Luxury Defined
  • Enjoy special discounts of F&B

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  • Starting @ Rs 1L (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Go any time, No Season, Block Now
  • Upgrade Option available
  • Go anywhere …choose from theme / mood

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  • Starting @ Rs 1.24L (3 yrs, 5N/6D, 2A+2K)
  • Ultra Luxury properties
  • Experience the paradise
  • Elite Experience

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What's Special about WOW Packages…for Premium, Gold, Platinum and Select

  • Same Package Cost, within Package Vacation Grid for all resorts
  • Package Cost includes 2 Adults + 2 Kids (1extra bed, if you need, as per the policy of resort)
  • Option to Upgrade Vacation Grid, at predefined rates
  • Fixed predefined expenses at resort for F&B or any facilities you decide to opt for
  • If you decide not to go, gift it to WOW, we shall offer to another WOW member who wishes to go, and you can credit back your nights in your account
  • NO Inflation in package for the chosen period
  • Special Value added Features

  • Once Blocked, No Seasons and No differentiation, within same Grid
  • All resort facilities defined, in Resort Intelligence Report (RIR), Vacation itinerary well planned, as part of RIR
  • Option to Plan and Block all Holidays (entire package, NOW)
  • Option to change destination within grid 45 days before your Check in Date
  • Split your vacations (2 N, 3 N or 5 N)
  • Advance your vacation and enjoy with family & friends
  • Carry forward the vacation, if you intend to postpone
  • Upgrade any specific year vacation or next or higher grade of your choice for some special moments (at minimal extra cost)
  • Various Payment Options (Online or Offline or EMI)


img_b_1 No Extra charges for any "utilities"

subscr_bNO, Annual Subscription Fee (ASF) to retain or hold Membership(s)

NO, Cost for maintenance, linen, electricity, subscription, or any increase thereof.

gift_bGift your nights to “guest or family” (NO cost)


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