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About Us


About WOW4ME

WOW Vacation started with the clear intent of offering Vacation Experience to Vacation Seeker, so this platform offers “Vacation Grid” means alternatives in location and property at any time of the year. Wherein, one can plan smaller duration vacations, NO INFLATION, truly fixed costs at the best negotiated rates for each of vacation package, availability ensured.

At WOW4ME, vacation seeker purchases present and future vacations at today’s discounted price and enjoy vacations for the entire opted duration. As hospitality player, we understand the value of leisure & vacation as it’s all about only experience and hearing “WOW at the start and end of Vacation” be it quality and décor of room, your entire stay, food you eat or places you visit during your vacation.

How this started

WOW Vacations started with a simple deliberation amongst few Vacation / Quality Stay Seekers.

What does one…look at?

  • Ease of selection and scheduling the vacation destinations, as per theme or mood of member
  • Luxury Stay? this is misnomer and luxury varies from individuals to individuals, so WOW4ME offer vacation experience, experience is luxury..
  • Should be within individual’s budget
  • Need to be hassle free, offer ease …what to do, where to go, what to eat, someone needs to take care of this.. to offer experience
  • How to reach, distance, climate, clothing….
  • Few memorable activities, could be photo spot, group dance etc..
  • Meeting Basic Expectations..

  • Where to Go – property identification process….as per mood and theme
  • Offer simple booking and making vacation plan.
  • Vacation Cost, varying or same within vacation grid / package member has selected.
  • Ensure availability of resorts / property.
  • Once booked no surprises and extra costs.
  • About the resort, location, destination and travel scheduling.
  • How has WOW Simplified this….

  • Making complete resort/property intelligence report (RIR)
  • Changing vacation concept from prevailing Longer tenure to just “3 to 5 years”, our research revealed that one needs minimum of 5 nights on vacation and cannot plan or foresee for longer duration, beyond 3 or 5 years.
  • Cost for vacation remains fixed, no extra(s) on any account, well negotiated cost given the quality of resorts on offer in your vacation plan you have created, once selected in your “My Account”
  • Everyone needs vacation, Wow offers vacations for all, fitting to budget, so member can choose from various plans that we have created for you… “WOW”, “Premium”, “Gold”, “Platinum” “Select” and “Ultra Luxury” as per your taste and experience of luxury
  • Offering menu of options to choose from the Vacation Grid upfront, no risk of non-availability or sold out scenario, offering various themed / mood / destination vacations from beaches, to mountains, to wildlife all packaged well for deserving vacation So….time to explore and experience WOW !!

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